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Glasgow Products has been the leader in air table and air conveyor nozzles for over 25 years. Glasgow Products offers a wide variety of air nozzles for air tables, conveyors and other material handling applications. Glasgow also offers a wide variety of coupling and accessories for air conveyors and air transfer tables. Most of the Glasgow air nozzles are in stock and ready for immediate shipment. You can order online or call us and our technical sales representative can assist you in purchasing the correct air nozzle. For information on how to design and build an air table or air conveyor, please review the information on our Air Conveying Concept web page. Glasgow Products is a division of Wm Steinen Manufacturing Company. Contact our sales desk at 973-887-6400 (Ext 101) or by email at

N-200 Air Nozzles

Series 200 air table and air conveyor nozzles are high performance designed to operate at all pressures up to 50 p.s.i. Typically these nozzles operate at 3-5 p.s.i and flow at 4-6 cfm when activated.

The "O"-Ring seal prevents leakage and effectively economizes the use of plant air. Systems utilizing these precision nozzles may be supplied by blower or plant air through a regulator to provide air at the required pressure.

Pressure requirements may vary depending upon the loads involved and flatness of the sliding surfaces.

The series 200 nozzles are available with a stainless steel ball actuator.
N-201-SS Air NozzleN-201-SS Air Nozzle - $10.09
N-205-SS Air NozzleN-205-SS Air Nozzle - $11.57

N-600 Air Nozzles

Series 600 air table nozzles are designed to operate at all pressures up to 3 p.s.i. Typically these nozzles flow at up to 3 cfm when activated. An economy version designed with serrations around the barrel enabling them to be press-fit into 14 mm (.551) dia. holes for air conveyors and air tables.

Sealing takes place between the ball actuator and orifice of the molded housing. Available with nylon housing and stainless steel balls. Because there is no "O"-Ring seal, there is slight leakage with the stainless steel ball.

Since these Glasgow air nozzles are specifically intended for use in low pressure, high volume blower systems this leakage is of little consequence.
N-600 Flat Head/No SpringN-600 Flat Head/No Spring - $8.01
N-605 Flat head Air Nozzle/Spring LoadedN-605 Flat head Air Nozzle/Spring Loaded - $8.61
N-610 Headless Air Nozzle/No SpringN-610 Headless Air Nozzle/No Spring - $8.31
N-615 Headless Air Nozzle/Spring LoadedN-615 Headless Air Nozzle/Spring Loaded - $8.90


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Glasgow™ air conveying nozzles are used in a variety of applications, such as:
Air Tables Air Conveyors Electronic Test Equipment
Paper Handling Equipment Typesetters Envelope Machinery
Glass Fabrication Machinery Materials Handling Equipment Optical Devices
Dental Laboratory Equipment Automatic Packaging Equipment Animated Displays
Automatic Filing Equipment Addressing Machines Automatic Processing Equipment
Book Binding Machinery Paper folding and gluing