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N-200 Air Nozzles

Series 200 air table and air conveyor nozzles are high performance designed to operate at all pressures up to 50 p.s.i. Typically these nozzles operate at 3-5 p.s.i and flow at 4-6 cfm when activated.

The "O"-Ring seal prevents leakage and effectively economizes the use of plant air. Systems utilizing these precision nozzles may be supplied by blower or plant air through a regulator to provide air at the required pressure.

Pressure requirements may vary depending upon the loads involved and flatness of the sliding surfaces.

The series 200 nozzles are available with a stainless steel ball actuator.

N-201-SS Air Nozzle
Regular price: $11.10
Sale price: $11.10, 100/$1,055.00, 250/$2,497.50
N-205-SS Air Nozzle
Regular price: $12.73
Sale price: $12.73, 100/$1,210.00, 250/$2,865.00