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N-600 Air Nozzles

Series 600 air table nozzles are designed to operate at all pressures up to 3 p.s.i. Typically these nozzles flow at up to 3 cfm when activated. An economy version designed with serrations around the barrel enabling them to be press-fit into 14 mm (.551) dia. holes for air conveyors and air tables.

Sealing takes place between the ball actuator and orifice of the molded housing. Available with nylon housing and stainless steel balls. Because there is no "O"-Ring seal, there is slight leakage with the stainless steel ball.

Since these Glasgow air nozzles are specifically intended for use in low pressure, high volume blower systems this leakage is of little consequence.

N-600 Flat Head/No Spring
Regular price: $6.75
Sale price: $6.75, 100/$641.00, 250/$1,520.00
N-605 Flat head Air Nozzle/Spring Loaded
Regular price: $7.25
Sale price: $7.25, 100/$689.00, 250/$1,632.50
N-610 Headless Air Nozzle/No Spring
Regular price: $7.00
Sale price: $7.00, 100/$665.00, 249/$1,568.70, 250/$1,575.00
N-615 Headless Air Nozzle/Spring Loaded
Regular price: $7.50
Sale price: $7.50, 100/$713.00, 250/$1,687.50